BocaCare® - Primary Care

BocaCare®, Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s physician network, is dedicated to providing you with exceptional medical treatment in a truly patient-centered environment. Our approach in primary care focuses on three key components: TIME. TOUCH. TEAM. 

Whether you are ill or simply in need of a routine physical and diagnostics, you want to be able to be seen as soon as possible. You want your office visit to be conducted in an efficient and effective manner. At BocaCare® we respect the importance of your time with same-day appointments and in-office labs, X-rays, bone density and ultrasound.

We also feature a fast-track “Quick Care” service for patients with less than severe illnesses that can be readily diagnosed and treated during the office visit.

We believe you’re more than a name on a chart. Our approach to caring for you means getting to know you. We want you to feel comfortable and welcomed in our practice. We have greeting areas instead of sliding glass partitions and you will always be referred to by name and not as “the patient in room 3.”

We think caring for you means showing you we really do.

At BocaCare® we believe your time should be spent with our medical professionals, not with other patients in a reception area or by yourself in a treatment room waiting to be seen. That’s why we’ve developed a unique team approach and inter-office communications system for patient care that minimizes the wait time in our treatment rooms and maximizes your time spent with our nurses, physicians and specialists.

No gaps. No waiting. Just a seamless transition of caregivers during your visit. It’s what makes BocaCare® distinctive.

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