Overview: care@work

Healthy Employees. Healthy Company.
That's the goal with care@work, a comprehensive program designed to provide your organization with clinically validated work-based employee health and wellness solutions. The benefits of workplace wellness programs are clear. They can lower absenteeism and employee-related healthcare costs. They can improve satisfaction and retention rates. Most importantly, your organization can make a positive impact on an employee’s health at an age when intervention can have a material impact on long-term health. Not only can care@work help you transform your employee benefit program, it can also help you change lives.


The best way to keep people healthy is to assist them in managing risk factors and chronic conditions and keep them from getting sick in the first place. But when care is needed, quality providers with superior clinical outcomes are key to getting employees back on their feet — and back to work — faster and in a more cost-effective manner.


Accessing the clinical knowledge of over 800 staff physicians and 2,400 Hospital employees, Boca Raton Regional Hospital delivers engaging and informative lectures based on the unique needs of any corporate culture. Developed and facilitated by Boca Regional clinicians. Range $150 – $275 per session.

Popular Topics:
  • Cardiac Health: Are You at Risk?
    Heart disease is the number-one killer in America. How does your lifestyle impact your risk? Your family history? What can you do to maintain heart health?
    Offered in conjunction with vascular screenings for heart attack and stroke

  • Health & Prevention: CDC-Recommended Annual Screenings
    Discover what’s recommended, what’s typically covered by insurance and the importance of all screenings.

  • The Health Triangle: Diet & Nutrition, Physical Activity & Stress Management
    Highlighting the interconnectivity of food, exercise and lifestyle.

  • Diet & Nutrition
    Learn more about how your diet impacts your quality of life and how you can immediately improve the way you feel — inside and out.

  • Lifestyle & Stress Management
    Stress is often the culprit of a myriad of health issues. Learn about your stress triggers, how you can identify them, how to handle them and how to avoid them.

  • Take Control of Your Healthcare
    Learn about new tools and technologies on the market empowering consumers to “take control” of their own healthcare.
Sample topics above. With access to a wide range of Boca Regional clinical resources, care@work can develop content based on most health topics of interest.


Heart Attack & Stroke Screening
  • Ten-minute, non-invasive screening
  • $50 per participant
Screening Mammography
  • Mammography services facilitated onsite at employer locations
  • Conveniently billed directly to insurance with no out-of-pocket costs to participants
Biometric Screening
  • BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol, if fasting (triglycerides, LDL, HDL)
  • Glucose
  • $40 per participant; results delivered confidentially to employee and in aggregate to employer
  • Health Assessment and 30-minute Health Coaching session for high-risk individuals: $100 per participant
Skin Screening
  • Early-detection cancer screening offered onsite with employers
Lung Cancer Screenings
  • CT Scan, facilitated at Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s Lynn Cancer Institute
  • $99 per qualified participant
Screenings can be facilitated during employee health fairs or on independently scheduled dates. Risk Stratification Reports are provided to employers in aggregate on all screening services.


Health Coaching
  • One-on-one sessions offered monthly at employer locations
    Thirty-minute sessions over a six-month period
  • Personalized health plan and goals
    Program components: telephone support, food journaling, personalized health content, progress reports, health navigation and education on proper clinical pathways and smart healthcare utilization
    Packages range $70 – $95 per session
Group Coaching
  • Three (3) one-hour onsite sessions over six-week period
    Session 1: Physical Activity – developed in conjunction with YMCA
    Session 2: Diet & Nutrition – developed by a Boca Raton Regional Hospital certified dietitian
    Session 3: Stress Management
  • Minimum of eight participants (12 max.) per class
    Packages range $125 – $145 per participant
Executive Care
  • Four-hour extensive Executive Care visit onsite at Boca Regional
    One-on-one with a primary care physician and specialists focused on health prevention
Prevention Programs & Chronic Condition Management
  • Smoking Cessation Programs
    Two-hour "Tools to Quit" sessions or six-week, one-hour sessions offered onsite
    CT scan / lung cancer screening available at Boca Regional — recommended for smokers (or those who have quit within the last 15 years) aged 55 to 74 who have a smoking history of 30 packs a year or greater
  • YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program
    • Nationally recognized program developed for adults with pre-diabetes
    • Twelve-month program taught in small groups by a trained Lifestyle Coach
    Contact for dates and pricing
  • Boca Regional Diabetes Self-Management Education
    Diabetes self-management classes teach skills to improve participants’ quality of life. Package rates available for group sessions


Powerful Partnerships 
Boca Regional has partnered with Marathon Health, pairing the nation’s leading provider of onsite health centers with the clinical excellence of one of Healthgrades® 50 Best Hospitals in America. These combined talents offer a powerful population-health solution for employers.

Healthier Employees Mean Improved Productivity, Morale & Healthcare Savings
Marathon Health inspires people to improve their health and their lives, with a solution that delivers high-quality worksite healthcare that engages the patient, reduces risk, lowers cost and results in a healthier, happier workforce.

Why Choose Boca Raton Regional Hospital?
When care is needed, Marathon Health’s onsite centers integrate the clinical excellence of Boca Raton Regional Hospital. By combining superior clinical outcomes for employees at the most aggressive rates in the market, Boca Regional is a clear choice for healthcare services in our market, having been ranked:
  • In the top 5% nationwide for 10 consecutive years by Healthgrades®
  • Among America’s 50 Best Hospitals for four consecutive years by Healthgrades®
  • As a Top-Ranked Hospital in South Florida for three consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report

BocaCare Primary Care Physicians & Specialists
  • An integrated network of primary care physicians and specialists working together to achieve optimal outcomes
Cardiac Care
  • America’s Best 100 Hospitals for Cardiac Care by Healthgrades®
Cancer Care
  • Top 100 Oncology Programs in the U.S. (Becker’s Hospital Review)
Women’s Health & Maternity
  • Comprehensive Women’s Health Institute: Breast Care, Pelvic Health
  • “Best Maternity Hospital” in Palm Beach County for seven years by South Florida Parenting magazine
Orthopedic Care & Physical Therapy
  • Sophisticated and innovative joint repair, spine care and sports medicine available
Diagnostic Imaging
  • State-of-the-art equipment with eight convenient locations