About Us

Medical Expertise

We are patients too and we understand the anxiety that can be involved in healthcare today, so we strive to keep you at ease during your visit. Each radiologist is board-certified and fellowship-trained in breast imaging and reads only breast imaging. Every mammographer and ultrasound technologist is board-certified in breast care and has gone through rigorous training.

What does this mean for you? It means that you are in the best hands possible, and that you have the most highly-trained, specialized team caring for you.

Same-Day Results & Additional Imaging
We know your time is valuable and that having a mammogram can be stressful so we offer a unique service to all our patients: same day results and services. It is our standard of care to give our patients their results before they leave. Should the radiologist recommend any additional exams, you have the option to complete it during the same visit or to schedule for another day. We strive to make your visit as effortlessness as possible by offering all services during the same visit. For those who choose to not wait for their results, you will receive a personal call the next business day. Then shortly after your visit, your physician will receive the written report detailing the results of your exam.

Verification/Authorization of Benefits
The Patient Access Team at Boca Raton Regional Hospital makes your appointment as seamless as possible for both you and your physician. We verify your insurance benefits and obtain any authorizations before your appointment.

Patient Navigation
Should you need to have a biopsy, our team of nurse navigators will assist you through the entire process. Nurse Navigators are patient educators and advocates, care coordinators, system navigators, and community ambassadors on a mission to improve the experience for each patient. Our Nurse Navigators are a support system for the patient and his/her family at a critical time and serve as a “gateway” to Boca Raton Regional’s services. It is their goal to navigate patients through the diagnostic evaluation, to educate and support each patient while empowering them to make informed treatment decisions, and to remain a support system throughout the patient's experience and beyond.

Clinical Team
Our care does not start or stop with a mammogram…we care for the whole woman. The Lynn Women’s Health & Wellness Institute’s medical staff includes all board-certified radiologists, technologists, a Medical Director, a Director of Clinical Breast Services, a multi-specialty team of physicians, doctoral-trained women’s health physical therapists and nurse navigators.


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