Community Outreach Services

The overriding principle that guided the creation of Boca Raton Regional Hospital to provide quality healthcare to the community it serves – resides with us today.

Recognizing the importance of reaching out to the community, what was then the Boca Raton Community Hospital Board of Trustees launched the Community Outreach Program in July 1998. Today, through support by the Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation; grants, sponsorships and educational and wellness programs fill local unmet needs. These programs also give Boca Raton Regional Hospital a significant way to become a collaborative partner working with others to build a strong, healthy and productive community.

The support that we have been able to provide to our community is truly amazing. Our physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers have a profound impact on the lives and health of the community we serve. Community Outreach programs provide essential tools for our employees to go beyond the brick-and-mortar Hospital building to not only educate and take care of our neighbors, but to act as an ambassador for this great institution.

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