Ron & Kathy Assaf
Center for Excellence in Nursing


The most severe nursing shortage ever to hit the health care industry has made it difficult to fill nursing positions. There is an unprecedented need for professional nurses throughout the nation.

Boca Raton Regional Hospital is extremely proud of its excellent nursing staff. Nurses play an invaluable and crucial role in the delivery of high-quality, compassionate care for thousands of patients who avail themselves of our exemplary services each year.

Our highly skilled nurses truly make a critical difference in the lives of each and every patient and take great pride in working toward the discovery of a new cure or protocol that could heal patients and ease their suffering. They also take part in effectively administering and monitoring the progress of over 1,100 patients currently participating in our clinical trials for radiation, oncology, cancer treatments, imaging, stoke victims, asthma sufferers, or the evaluation of neuroprotective agents. Boca Raton Regional Hospital partners with local and regional universities, as well as other world-class institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Mt Sinai Hospital, Lynn University and Florida Atlantic University, to develop new techniques and initiatives that are on the leading edge of medical research.

In order to ensure quality, compassionate care today, tomorrow and beyond, Boca Raton Regional Hospital has created The Center for Excellence in Nursing that will:

  • Award outstanding nurses for their contributions to the profession
  • Provide ongoing nursing education programs and advanced training
  • Offer nursing scholarships and support for student nurses
  • Promote nursing leadership
  • Improve patient care with nursing-approved equipment and programs
  • Implement innovative programs that benefit the nursing profession, patients and our community at the same time
  • Attract and retain the very finest professionals in the nursing field


Boca Raton Regional Hospital nurses are dedicated individuals who have committed themselves to improving the quality of compassionate healthcare delivery and to the prevention of disease. Boca Raton Regional Hospital is proud to promote excellence, both in the art and science of nursing.

Join us at Boca Raton Regional Hospital and make a difference in our community by making a Gift of a Lifetime.

Naming Opportunities* 

Nursing Education Pillar$500,000
Recruitment and Retention Pillar   $500,000
Technology Pillar$500,000
Quality of Care Pillar$500,000

Individual and Family Endowment Funds (by Pillar)


*Gifts may be paid over a five year period.

Please call the BRRH Foundation at (561) 955-4142 or send an email to to learn more about how YOU can be at the forefront of the Ron and Kathy Assaf Center for Excellence in Nursing.

BRRH Foundation – 745 Meadows Rd. – Boca Raton, FL 33486
Phone: 561.955.4142 Fax: 561.955.4727 e-mail:


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