Graduate Medical Education at
Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Boca Raton Regional Hospital serves as the primary teaching site for the Florida Atlantic University’s internal medicine residency program and is part of a Graduate Medical Consortium supporting FAU residency programs.

Post-medical school residencies provide the training necessary for medical school graduates to become competent, board-certified physicians. A residency in internal medicine takes three years to complete.

This residency is the first university-sponsored program for FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine and the first post-graduate training program at Boca Regional. It completes the Hospital’s transformation from a capable community facility into a tertiary academic medical center.

“We are most proud to be playing such a substantive role in this development for Florida Atlantic University, the city of Boca Raton and our region,” said Charles Posternack MD, Chief Medical Officer at Boca Regional and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at the Schmidt College of Medicine. “It is also a long-awaited and important milestone in the history of our Hospital.”

According to Bernardo Obeso, MD, internal medicine residency program director at FAU, the advent of residency programs at the Schmidt College of Medicine addresses a critically important demand for the region. “Florida as a whole, and South Florida especially, suffers from an insufficient number of residencies to accommodate the increasing numbers of medical school graduates,” said Dr. Obeso. “Data show that about 50 percent of doctors choose to practice within 20 miles of where they complete their residencies. Our program will assist greatly in addressing one of our region’s most pressing needs — a shortage of primary care physicians.”

The residency program at Boca Regional is yet another reflection of the growing relationship between the Hospital and FAU. “Given the roles our respective organizations play in our city and in our region, and the proximity we share to one another, it is extremely important to marshal our collective resources and capabilities in a manner that benefits the communities we both serve,” said Jerry Fedele, President and CEO at Boca Raton Regional Hospital. “We’ve witnessed what that synergy can produce through our relationships in undergraduate medical education, nursing, allied health and in providing sports medicine for FAU athletics. Our efforts in graduate medical education will only serve to broaden and strengthen this dynamic partnership.”

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