Christine E. Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute

The Christine E. Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute opened at Boca Raton Regional Hospital in 2006, making it the first open-heart program started in Palm Beach County in over 22 years. The Institute has performed over 1,200 open-heart procedures, more than 19,000 cardiac catheterizations and over 8,500 angioplasties.

The Lynn Heart and Vascular Institute was named one of the Top Hospitals with Great Cardiovascular Programs in 2010 and 2011 by Becker’s Hospital Review along with some of the most well-regarded hospitals and health systems in the United States; including The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Duke University Medical Center and New York-Presbyterian Hospital. It is also recognized as one of Florida’s leaders in the surgical and endovascular treatment of aortic aneurysms and aortic dissection, and is among other leading-edge institutions using the innovative Trellis® System for treatment of deep vein thrombosis.

Healthgrades®, the leading independent healthcare ratings organization, named the Institute as one of America’s Best 100 Hospitals for Cardiac Care in 2012 and 2013 and Stroke Care in 2012. Healthgrades also ranked the Institute #1 in Florida for cardiac surgery in 2010 and 2011, treatment of stroke in 2011 and overall cardiac services in 2011.

In 2012, the Institute received the American Heart Association / American Stroke Association’s Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke Silver Plus Quality Achievement Award and is one of only four hospitals in Palm Beach County to be designated by the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) as a Comprehensive Stroke Center.

In years past, it wasn’t uncommon for patients to leave South Florida in search of world-class heart care. In September 2006, that changed when Boca Raton Regional Hospital opened the Christine E. Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute at Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

The hospital recruited renowned surgeons, handpicked top cardiovascular specialists and nurses from around the region, and invested in leading-edge facilities. Every aspect of the institute was carefully conceived, from the most basic processes to the most detailed procedures, to ensure world-class heart care from day one.

Today, that interdisciplinary team is working together, right here in Boca Raton, with extraordinary results. They have successfully performed several thousand cardiac catheterizations and hundreds of open-heart surgeries. This exceptional level of care provides South Florida residents with the critical treatment they need, close to their homes, physicians, family and friends.

Nationally renowned cardiovascular surgeons.
The lead surgeons at the Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute are Drs. Alexander Kulik and Anthony Lee. Dr Kulik is a Harvard-trained cardiovascular surgeon and endovascular specialist who performs all types of cardiac operations, including complex valve surgery and on-pump and off-pump coronary bypass.  He has trained extensively in the field of aortic surgery and has particular expertise in the treatment of aortic aneurysms and aortic dissections.  Dr. Kulik also has a long track-record in cardiovascular research and has conducted several clinical trials.  Previously from the University of Florida, Anthony Lee, MD is the Medical Director of the Institute’s Endovascular program.  Dr. Lee is a nationally-recognized leader in the fields of vascular and endovascular surgery, and has developed  state-of-the-art stent procedures for the treatment of complex aortic and vascular diseases. 

Hybrid OR 
Cardiac and vascular surgeons at Boca Raton Regional Hospital are now performing cases in the most advanced and sophisticated operating room environment available – the Hybrid OR. Working in conjunction with Siemens Healthcare, Boca Regional has combined state-of-the-art imaging, endovascular and surgical techniques, all in one operating room.

In the more conventional hospital setting, these elements are usually dispersed throughout the institution. For example, imaging studies – preoperative, intraoperative and post-operative – are done in various locations in Radiology. With a Hybrid OR, high-quality angiographic imaging can be performed in a single setting at any time before, during and after the procedure. Having these capabilities available in the OR provides both the patient and the surgical team with distinct and substantial benefits. The patient no longer needs a separate angiographic study before an endovascular or surgical procedure. Anesthesia time is reduced. Total procedural time is lessened, which reduces the recovery period, the risk for complications and surgical team fatigue. 

The Hybrid OR at Boca Raton Regional Hospital was the first in Palm Beach County.

Our team.
Achieving outstanding patient outcomes requires an outstanding cardiovascular team. Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute has assembled world-class personnel at every level - from the region’s top cardiologists and surgeons, to the area’s most experienced cardiovascular nurses.

Advanced Arrhythmia Center
To provide world-class heart care, you can never rest on your accomplishments. Which is why we opened the Advanced Arrhythmia Center at Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute. Here you’ll find a state-of-the-art electrophysiology lab, leading-edge technology as well as board certified cardiac electrophysiologists, cardiovascular surgeons and interventional cardiologists. This multidisciplinary team works together to offer a full spectrum of sophisticated invasive and non-invasive procedures including: diagnosis and treatment of cardiac rhythm disorders, catheter ablation and cutting-edge mini-maze surgery for treatment of atrial fibrillation. In fact, they are among a select few in the region that offer the mini-maze procedure - another reason to choose Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute.

State-of-the-art atrial fibrillation treatment.
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is an irregular heart rhythm caused by abnormal electrical impulses. According to the American Heart Association, atrial fibrillation affects about 2.2 million Americans. During atrial fibrillation, the heart’s two small upper chambers (the atria) quiver instead of beating effectively. Because blood isn’t pumped completely out of the chambers, it may pool and clot. When these clots leave the heart and become lodged in an artery in the brain, a stroke results. In the past, atrial fibrillation was typically treated with medications, electrical cardioversion, radiofrequency ablation or major open-heart surgery.

At the Advanced Arrhythmia Center at the Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute, surgeons and electrophysiologists are working as a team to perform mini-maze surgery, a groundbreaking new treatment. Using a tiny instrument, they burn lines in the heart to isolate and destroy a small amount of tissue near the source of the irregular impulses. Because the damaged tissue can no longer conduct electrical signals, the impulse transmissions are interrupted. Sophisticated intraoperative testing also localizes nerves innervating the atrium which contribute to the initiation of atrial fibrillation. These nerves are then ablated as well. With the abnormal signals unable to cross the zone of defense, the atria resumes beating normally.

Mini-maze is performed using minimally invasive devices with the aid of a miniature camera, or video telescope, so physicians can operate without making large incisions in the chest. Patients usually return to normal activity more quickly after the procedure and have much less pain than with the traditional approach. Patients also tend to stay in the hospital for a shorter amount of time and have a faster recovery period than those who have conventional surgery.

Endovascular Surgery Center
The Christine E. Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute’s Endovascular Surgery Center at Boca Raton Regional Hospital (Boca Regional) combines state-of-the-art technology and diagnostic imaging with leading-edge surgical procedures to offer the most comprehensive care and treatment of vascular problems in the region. Services include treatment of complex aortic aneurysms, peripheral aneurysms, peripheral arterial blockages, carotid artery disease, kidney blockages, intestinal blockages, peripheral arterial disease and renal arterial disease.

Drs. Lee and Kulik bring unique expertise to the Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute. Their specialized training and skills, coupled with those of highly trained cardiologists, surgeons, and nurses, allows Boca Regional to present one of the region’s most advanced endovascular surgery centers. Patients now have a treatment option for vascular disease in the chest with many advantages including shorter recovery, less discomfort, smaller incisions and fewer risks for those with other medical conditions.

Diagnostic imaging — a clear advantage.
Providing world-class heart care begins with a clear picture of the patient’s condition and an accurate diagnosis. The diagnostic imaging center at Boca Raton Regional Hospital is the region’s largest and our technology is among the most advanced in the world. The radiologists reading patient results are nationally renowned, fellowship-trained and board certified. This combination of extraordinary equipment and experienced eyes provides our patients and their physicians with the most accurate information possible information that saves lives.

Services and Facilities:
Lynn Heart & Vascular Institute offers a full spectrum of cardiac care:

Diagnostic Testing Services 

  • Cardiac Catheterization Echocardiography
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)
  • Electrophysiology Studies
  • Exercise Stress Tests (Treadmill Tests)
  • Holter Monitor
  • Myocardial Biopsy
  • Tilt Table Test
  • Transesophageal Echocardiography

Surgical Services

  • Angioplasty
  • Coronary Bypass Surgery
  • Endoscopic Vein Harvesting
  • Minimally Invasive Heart Surgery
  • Valve Replacement/Repair
  • Surgical Ablations
  • Treatment for Atrial Fibrillation — including state-of-the-art mini-maze surgery
  • Aortic Surgery/Complex Aortic Aneurysms
  • Endovascular Aortic Stent Graft Repair
  • Hybrid Operating Room


  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab: State-of-the-art procedure rooms for diagnostic procedures, interventional procedures, placement of pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators
  • Cardiovascular ICU: For patients recovering from open-heart, vascular and thoracic surgeries
  • Post Coronary Intervention Unit
  • Cardiac Step Down Unit
  • Cardiac Telemetry Unit: Provides continuous monitoring of heart patients who are having or are at risk of complications, or those recovering from a cardiac event or procedure; radio-frequency telemetry monitor in each bed sends signal to central nursing station
  • Post-Surgical Cardiac Rehab - Programs designed for faster, fuller recoveries and improved quality of life under direction of specially trained staff
  • Advanced Arrhythmia Center
  • Endovascular Surgery Center


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