PACS Information

Boca Raton Regional Hospital offers a comprehensive PACS system that provides you with access to online digital imaging.
Here is what you need to know: 

What does PACS mean?
Picture Archival Communication System. Basically - it means using computers instead of film for image distribution & archive. 

What is happening with the Radiology Reading Room?

The new PACS Reading Room will be located where the Medical Library had been previously. The Medical Library is being relocated to Cafeteria Dining Room A. 

How is PACS going to impact us?

Using a PACS allows our Imaging department to provide you access to instantaneous and simultaneous image distribution throughout the hospital intranet and even across the internet. Instant access to the archive means no more lost films and no more waiting to sign out films. You will have access to your patients images when you need them and where you need them. 

How will we view our cases?

You will be able to display your images on any computer with Portal access. Dedicated PACS workstations will be located in the Radiology department, ICU’s, OR, and ER. 

Can I access images from my office or home?


What are minimum computer requirements?

DSL connection, Pentium III, 450MHz, 512MB RAM. 

Can patients check out their exams?

Yes. In addition to film, patients checking out their exams will receive a self-contained CD installed with user-friendly software to allow their images to be viewed on any PC. 

Can my patients still get their studies on film if I need it?

Yes. Boca Regional will continue to provide film to patients checking out films. We hope to decrease our usage of film as quickly as feasible. Please keep in mind that film is expensive. Be open-minded and let us help you find a good film-less solution that will work for you and your staff.
Please remember- our new PACS system is designed to provide you with better service and more convenience, with the goal of enabling you to better care for your patients. If you or your office has special needs, please contact our PACS administrator.

Minimum recommended system configuration:

DSL/Cable connection
Pentium III 450 MHz, 512k RAM 

Instructions for accessing Horizon Medical Imaging software through the Physician Portal:

1. Get a new key fob from Medical Staff Office so you can access the Boca Regional VPN from offsite (your office/home).
2. On your PC, log onto Boca Regional Physicians Portal Secure Link at
3. Username: enter your ID on the back of your key fob.
4. Press button on the fob to get a secure alphanumeric code.
5. Password: enter code shown on the key fob (not case sensitive). Select “Safeword” from Server pull down menu. A small window will open up in the bottom right of your screen indicating that you are logged on the Boca Regional VPN.


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