Physician Liaison Program

The Physician Liaison Program at Boca Raton Regional Hospital (Boca Regional) is designed to connect physicians, their staff and other members of the area’s healthcare community with Boca Regional’s services and resources.

Within the program, physician liaisons serve as personal contacts for physicians and their practice managers and staff.  They are available to offer information and assistance as well as to address questions, concerns or issues.  Physician liaisons work to foster positive, open and helpful relationships among Boca Raton Regional Hospital, its medical staff and other area physicians.

Boca Regional physician liaisons provide:

  • Information on new and existing clinical services and clinical specialists
  • Clarification of referral guidelines
  • Assistance resolving referral or access issues
  • Resources such as referral forms, maps and patient education materials.

Information shared with physician liaisons is important to Boca Regional physicians and administration, and is used for identifying community physician needs, and for planning and evaluating services and programs.  The physician liaison program functions in a multi-disciplinary manner to recommend and help prioritize system and service improvements.  The objective is to make partnering with Boca Regional as productive as possible for the referring provider and as beneficial as possible for their patients.

For more information or to request services or a visit, please call 561.955.4319.


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