Our Radiation Oncology Team


The dosimetrists at the Lynn Cancer Institute are key members of the Radiation Oncology team. They are responsible for calculating and planning the radiation treatments, under the guidance of the radiation oncologist and physicist. Dosimetrists are highly skilled professionals whose expertise is critical to treatment planning.

The dosimetrists in the Radiation Oncology Department use highly specialized computer software and imaging equipment to map out and plan a customized treatment plan, specific to you. This treatment plan is designed to accurately deliver the radiation to your disease site. It is the dosimetrists’ responsibility, along with the radiation oncologist, to provide the optimum dose to the tumor target, while limiting the dose to the normal surrounding healthy tissues. This is important in improving outcomes and in optimizing your quality of life.
Our Radiation Oncology nurses are responsible for conducting your initial nursing assessment and physical evaluation and also for weekly visits during your course of radiation therapy. The nurses are most likely the first person on your care team that you will meet. Your knowledge of what to expect during your course of radiation and specific disease site education is a key role provided by our skilled radiation oncology nurses. We want to provide you and your family members with all of the education and inclusion in the decision making process as possible. All of our radiation nurses are Oncology Certified.  

Our medical physicists have the overall responsibility for the technical aspects of your treatment in the radiation oncology department of the Lynn Cancer Institute. They consult with your physician (radiation oncologist) regarding your prescription for your treatment, supervise and approve your treatment plan to make certain that your treatment is exactly “what your physician prescribed”. They also work with other members of the treatment team such nurses, dosimetrists and radiation therapists.

The radiation therapist is the person on your care team responsible for delivering the radiation treatments on a daily basis. They are also instrumental in the planning process, or simulation. They administer the daily treatments according to the treatment plan developed by the radiation oncologist, physics and dosimetry staff. You will get to know your radiation therapist very well during your course of treatment. If at any time, you have any questions or concerns, they are the person who can answer your needs or direct you to someone who can help.

All radiation therapists at the Lynn Cancer Institute are licensed by the State of Florida and nationally by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. All radiation therapists have passed their national boards. The Lynn Cancer Institute participates in the clinical training of Broward College’s radiation therapy students. During their clinical rotations these students will observe your treatments, but they are not allowed, by law, to deliver any radiation treatments during their training process.

The partnership between you and your radiation therapist is very important to us. We want to provide you with the very best care possible. The radiation therapist will collaborate with the radiation oncologist, the radiation nurse or the social worker, if ever the need arises, for evaluation of a side effect or other personal or emotional concern. Our radiation therapy team is exceptional and will do our very best to ensure that your daily visits are a pleasant and positive experience and that your radiation treatment is delivered accurately. 

Our Oncology Patient Access Representatives are often the first member of our team you will come into contact with at the Lynn Cancer Institute. They will schedule your appointments, check on your insurance coverage and obtain all medical records necessary for your initial evaluation with the Radiation Oncologist. The Oncology Patient Access Representatives will answer any questions you have regarding the business end of the Radiation Oncology treatment process. Our Patient Access Representatives are also your point person for those patients inquiring about our Boca Raton Regional Hospital’s Outpatient Transportation services.

To provide exceptional service to our customers, the Oncology Financial Counselor’s role is to help patients through the insurance process at the Lynn Cancer Institute. If you do not have insurance, are under insured, or are an international patient, the counselor will give you a cost estimate, once a treatment plan has been recommended, along with payment details. Please be aware that self-pay patients must provide a deposit prior to receiving services. For your convenience, payments can be made in the form of cash, personal check, or with a credit card. Our Oncology Financial Counselor can be reached at 561.955.4294.

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