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If your physician feels that radiation therapy might be beneficial in treating your cancer; a consultation with a radiation oncologist will be scheduled. When you come to the Lynn Cancer Institute of Boca Raton Regional Hospital, you will receive the very best care possible.

All members of our Radiation Oncology Team play a key role in your care. Initially you will meet with a Radiation Oncology nurse and the Radiation Oncologist. This consultative session is very important and will take at least one hour. Please bring a sweater and reading materials, since the building may be cool. It is important that you bring a list of all current medications. Please bring a copy of your insurance cards with proof of insurance coverage, and if required by your insurance company, any authorizations or referral forms. For financial counseling, please click here.

You will be asked, prior to your consultation, to provide necessary information pertinent to your disease. If not performed at Boca Regional, it is sometimes necessary to bring scans and/or previous medical history records. Our office staff will clarify with you, what exactly will be required.

1) Upon entering our lobby at either the Sandler Pavilion site in Boca Raton, or the Delray Beach satellite facility a Radiation Oncology Patient Access Specialist will guide you through our registration process.
2) When your registration is complete, a Radiation Oncology Nurse will take you to a private exam room and complete a medical history assessment, along with taking your vital signs and weight.
3) A Radiation Oncologist will examine you, discuss your disease with you and your family; and make treatment recommendations for your care.
4) If radiation therapy is recommended by your physician and you agree, then an appointment will be given to you for a radiation oncology simulation. This is the beginning of the planning process to direct the radiation and to determine the dose that you will receive.

Simulation Procedure
Treatment Planning
External Beam Therapy
Brachytherapy Treatment
Breast Brachytherapy Treatment 

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For Sandler Pavilion (Boca Raton) call 561.955.4111. For Delray location call 561.955.7200.

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