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DiagnosisInvestigator/SponsorProtocol title & PurposeEligibility
High Risk Breast CancerKathy Schilling, MD / Ellman FoundationDynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI and Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography in the Diagnosis of Breast Cancer the Women of High Risk: A Comparison Study
  • Women age 25 or older
  • Women assessed to have a greater than 20% Lifetime risk of breast cancer on the basis of one of the following: BRCA positive, family history consistent with Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer with negative BRCA test result in either an affected family member or if none available, negative in the subject, patient’s with other suspected familial syndrome or LCIS history or history of Hodgkin’s Disease treated with mantle radiation therapy, personal history of breast cancer treated with either breast conservation or mastectomy.
  • No contraindications to gadolinium or MRI (renal failure or GFR<30 ml/min, pacemaker, uncontrollable claustrophobia, weight >300 pounds, unable to tolerate prone position).
  • No allergy to iodine.


DiagnosisInvestigator/SponsorProtocol title & PurposeEligibility
High Risk Breast CancerKathy Schilling, MDADAPT-Bx Recruitment Plan for initially Asymptomatic Women referred for Breast Biopsy. Assessment of Diagnostic Accuracy and Performance of Digital breast Tomosynthesis compared to Mammography (ADAPT Trial)
  • Women aged 30 years or older (≥30 years old);
  • Initially asymptomatic women who underwent: Routine bilateral screening FFDM, Breast ultrasound (U/S), Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and/or DBT, followed by diagnostic work-up showing one or more abnormalities and Referred for breast biopsy;
  • Not have undergone diagnostic or surgical intervention(s) or procedure(s) on either breast, including mastectomy and cytopunction, before study-related imaging

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