Teenage Volunteers

TAV (Teenage Volunteer) Program at Boca Raton Regional Hospital

Thank you for your interest in our Teen Volunteer Program. Our teen program offers volunteer opportunities for youth age 15-17 years old.

The teenager must have a genuine desire to help others, an understanding of their responsibility to adhere to all D-RMSL and BRRH policies, and agree to one four-hour shift each week for at least six consecutive months.

As a volunteer you are a critical part of the team and reliability and consistency are important. Teenage volunteers are only allowed four excused absences during their six-month commitment. Two unexcused absences will result in immediate dismissal from the program. No exceptions. Please consider this before applying to our program.

Please read the instructions very carefully.

TAV process:

Requirements for becoming a TAV:

  • Step 1: Complete an application.
  • Step 2: Please bring the following documents, to the Volunteer Office, located on the first floor in the main hospital.
    • Only Character reference letters on school stationery, company stationery or personal stationery, from anyone not a family member, will be accepted..
    • Copy of your most recent report card. It must reflect at least a 2.5 GPA, from your last term.
    • Completed Authorization Form (please click this link to download form).
    • A copy of an ID (driver’s license, school ID, or a passport).
    • $25.00 cash or check (preferred), for your dues and uniform jacket.
    When you bring in ALL of the items listed above to our office, we will assign you a time for your interview. Interviews will be held on either Monday, May 8, 2017 and/or Tuesday, May 9,2017 at assigned, appointed times in our Education Building.
  • If after the interview, the teenager is selected to participate in the program, the TAV will be invited to the next orientation. 
  • Orientations are normally held twice a year.  
  • The dress code for all volunteers is as follows: blue uniform jacket with khaki or white pants and white or conservative shoes (no sandals or high heels).

If you have any questions regarding the requirements please call the volunteer office at (561) 955-4098. Additional information that TAVs should know:
*TAV applicants for our Fall class will not be interviewed without proof of receiving a current season flu shot, or an Exemption Form from your doctor or clergy.

If accepted into the program, you will be scheduled for the next available Teenage Volunteer Orientation Program. The orientation is to assure your understanding of hospital policies and procedures. A parent or guardian must attend the Orientation with you. Tuberculosis testing (PPD) is required for all volunteers, and will be done at the orientation. Uniform jackets and assignments will be given out at the Orientation Class. Photos for badges are taken at the time of the Orientation.

Additional Important TAV General Information

While D-RMSL does not provide recommendation letters, forms verifying hours are given upon advance request from the TAV, provided he/she is in good standing. Verification of hours will not be provided to any TAV who is not in good standing (e.g. does not meet attendance or performance requirements). In order to receive a document verifying hours, the TAV must have completed six months of volunteer service (80 hours) to the Debbie-Rand Memorial Service League prior to leaving the program. In order to be in good standing, the TAV must give the Volunteer Office notice of their decision to leave the program as soon as possible.

Applications for the annual D-RMSL Scholarship(s) are available in the Volunteer Office. Senior TAVs may apply. TAV must have 200 or more service hours at the time of the application……Deadline for scholarships is March 18th. Please call our office (561-955-4098) for more information.

The following is the dress code review for all TAVs:

Female Volunteers:

  • Must wear ankle-length white, beige or tan pants (no capris, jeans, leggings, cargo pants, etc.). Female volunteers may also wear a white or beige skirt, that is at or below the knees.
  • Blue uniform jacket should be buttoned-up at all times.

Male Volunteers:

  • Must wear slacks (beige, tan or white).
  • Blue jacket must be zipped-up at all times.
  • Volunteers may not wear cologne or anything with a fragrance.

All Volunteers:

  • If men or women choose to wear a shirt, underneath their uniform jacket, it must be white or beige.
  • Shoes should be clean, non-skid, closed toe and heel in white, beige, tan or brown. Please do not wear sandals.
  • The BRRH ID badge should be clipped to the right-side of the jacket collar, and the Angel Pin is to be worn on the left collar.
  • Pins worn on the jacket must be volunteer-related, worn in a straight line under or above the embroidered word “volunteer”, not to exceed the length of “volunteer”.
  • Hair must be clean, well-groomed, and present a professional image.
  • Volunteers may not wear cologne, perfume or anything with a fragrance.


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