Resident Physician Community Partnership

When Boca Raton Regional Hospital opened its doors to the first class of Internal Medicine Residents from Florida Atlantic University’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine in July of 2014, the welcoming extended well beyond the halls of the Hospital. Dozens of local civic-minded individuals joined together to create The Resident Physician Community Partnership, a unique program providing social support and mentorship to our medical residents and their families.


Graduate Medical Education is a demanding experience for residents. Rigorous training. Intense hours. Pressure situations.

Many of these young men and women come to Boca Raton from other states, or other countries, where they and their families find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. This alone can present challenges for the doctors. When coupled with their arduous schedule and the responsibilities of a residency, it can be especially burdensome. The Partnership was designed to provide assistance to medical residents at Boca Regional and help to acclimate them to life in South Florida from a host of perspectives.

Another important benefit of the Partnership arises out of the fact the studies show that around 50 percent of doctors practice within 20 miles of where they performed their residency. Amid increasing demand for medical care in our region, especially Primary Care, the Partnership aims to foster an environment of support that goes beyond the residents’ training and helps to create and nurture a special relationship that can have a positive influence on their decision as to where they will ultimately choose to care for patients.


The Partnership connects a diverse group of community leaders and professionals to Boca Regional’s medical residents and maintains an ongoing relationship with them. The Partnership interacts with the residents by hosting social outings and networking events, providing information and insight on housing, religious affiliations, school systems, child care services, spousal job relocation assistance, area restaurants, shopping, recreational activities, parks, and other issues of importance to the lives of the residents beyond that of their training.

As important, the Partnership develops key friendships between its members and the doctors, which can be used to share insight, experience and advice on a host of matters important to these young clinicians.

In the final analysis, the Partnership is truly a win-win for everyone involved.


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