Marcus Neuroscience Institute Uses Intraoperative MRI to Treat First Brain Tumor Case

Sophisticated technology provides optimal accuracy, results

In a milestone event for Boca Raton Regional Hospital, the new Marcus Neuroscience Institute treated its first brain tumor case using cutting-edge technologies including stereotactic neuro-navigation and intraoperative MRI. The Institute is one of the first in Florida equipped with intraoperative MRI, which is found in only a handful of facilities across the country.

These technologies were employed when a young woman presented to Boca Regional after experiencing a seizure. The patient underwent a diagnostic MRI, which demonstrated a large potentially invasive brain tumor, only well seen with specific MRI sequences, warranting surgical intervention. Without the use of intraoperative neuro-navigation and MRI, such tumors are often incompletely removed or surgery may result in severe neurologic deficits.

During the procedure, doctors utilized stereotactic neuro-navigation, using computers, robotics and imaging to overlay the patient’s preoperative MRI and CT scans to her head and brain in the operating room. This allows surgeons to visualize their precise location in the brain either on a bank of computer monitors or through the surgical microscope.

At the forefront of this particular procedure was the use of intraoperative MRI, which is a distinguishing characteristic of the Institute’s clinical capabilities. Intraoperative MRI guidance allows doctors to view high-quality, real-time images of the patient’s brain and the surgical progression throughout all stages of the procedure. In traditional neurosurgical operations, doctors may resect larger tissue volumes to maximize the chances of removing the entire tumor. This approach, however, increases the risk of damaging normal tissue and creating neurologic deficits.

“With intraoperative MRI, the detailed scans provide us with optimal visualization and guidance to ensure a more precise and complete operation,” said Robert Levy, MD, PhD, Director of the Marcus Neuroscience Institute. “It enhances our ability to remove the tumor in its entirety while sparing normal brain tissue.”

In addition, intraoperative MRI eliminates the need for a patient to be transferred to an imaging center from the operating room to obtain a postoperative MRI. Instead, a scanner is transported to the patient and the operating table via ceiling-mounted rails within a hybrid OR suite consisting of two rooms, one for surgery and the other that houses the MRI unit. Overall, intraoperative MRI minimizes risk in all aspects of the surgery and reduces the need for additional postoperative imaging procedures.

“This first case highlights the unique capabilities found here at the Marcus Neuroscience Institute,” said Dr. Levy. “With the spectrum of advanced tools and technologies, we present our patients the most comprehensive care available in the neurosciences today.”

The Marcus Neuroscience Institute was created out of a lead $25 million grant from the Marcus Foundation and initiated by Bernie Marcus, former CEO of The Home Depot, and his wife, Billi. The facility houses a 22-bed Neuro Intensive Care and Intermediate Intensive Care unit, four dedicated operating rooms — three of which are equipped with intraoperative MRI and CT scanners — and a biplane angiography suite, a crucial component in the diagnosis and care of neurological conditions. Each patient room is private and has special monitoring capabilities that provide vital information on both a patient’s neurological and cardiovascular functions. Rooms also feature an abundance of natural lighting and an antechamber where family members can stay during the patient’s hospitalization, as both of these factors have been shown to positively influence recovery in neurological conditions.

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