Mammograms Just Got More Comfortable At Boca Raton Regional Hospital

BOCA RATON, FL – June 28, 2017 – GE Healthcare (NYSE: GE) has collaborated with Boca Raton Regional Hospital to bring a more comfortable mammography system, Senographe Pristina™ to patients with next-generation 3D digital mammography technology. Boca Raton Regional Hospital is the first installation of Senographe Pristina in the U.S.

“Senographe Pristina offer patients a reinvented mammography experience, one that had not significantly changed for the last 40 years,” said Kathy Schilling, MD, Medical Director at the Hospital’s Christine E. Lynn Women’s Health & Wellness Institute. “After having a mammogram on Senographe Pristina, women immediately recognize a pleasant difference: it’s a faster and quieter exam with greater comfort and less pain during compression.”

Commenting further, Dr. Schilling noted, “Our goal is for all our baseline patients to have their mammograms with this new technology with the intent that it will help to dismiss any preconceived fears and encourage more compliance with annual screening.”

Senographe Pristina was designed to completely revolutionize the patient experience to make it more comfortable. The gentle, rounded corners of the image detector help reduce patient discomfort under the arms. New, comfortable armrests replace conventional handgrips which may cause tensing of the pectoral muscles, making it hard to properly position the tissue. In addition, the redesigned armrest allows women to gently support their arm during the exam in a relaxed position making the exam more appealing.

Improper positioning has been found to be the cause of poor image quality that can then require a rescan(1), and the lack of proper positioning may decrease mammography sensitivity(2). By improving patient comfort, the technologists can focus on providing the highest quality exam for the radiologist to interpret.

The Women’s Institute at Boca Regional has a long history of collaboration with GE Healthcare. Performing over 90,000 screening and diagnostic breast exams a year, it has a robust portfolio of imaging equipment to address each woman’s unique healthcare needs. The Institute has also put an emphasis on the patient experience by creating a spa-like atmosphere throughout the facility. This is especially noticeable in the mammography suites where the air is infused with a light, calming fragrance, while flat-screen wall monitors display soothing videos and photos, and project relaxing sounds to create a serene environment.

“At GE Healthcare, we are committed to helping bring screening and diagnostic technology to more women,” said Agnes Berzsenyi, president and CEO of Women’s Health, GE Healthcare. “We know that the key reason women don’t go for mammograms is fear of pain. We designed Senographe Pristina to make the experience more comfortable and to lower women’s anxiety. Our hope is that a more comfortable experience will help more women get a screening exam and find cancer early when it is most treatable.”

GE Healthcare recently received pre-market approval for 3D technology on Senographe Pristina. This technology, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, delivers superior diagnostic accuracy at the same low dose as a 2D mammography exam, the lowest patient dose of all FDA approved 3D mammography systems.(3)

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1 U.S. Food and Drug Administration
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